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Are you seeking to enhance the well-being of your staff, students, yourself, or a family member?

As a Coach, Mentor, Yoga Teacher, and Trainer, I use a blended approach to assist you in achieving your goals.

I provide a tailored service that empowers individuals, and I offer this in various settings that best suit my clients, whether it's a walk-and-talk, a local cafe, a Zoom call, or an office at work. This flexibility often helps clients to comfortably discuss and clarify their goals.


Explore Your Thoughts. Transform Your Mindset


Hello, I'm Nicky,

I am a coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), dedicated to empowering individuals to consciously cultivate a positive mindset and focus on their lives.

I established the Wellbeing Coach Alliance to inspire and enable people to strive for the feelings and identity they desire in both their personal and professional spheres.

With 23 years of experience in mentoring and coaching, I integrate various methodologies such as Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Transactional Analysis to empower my clients. This approach enhances their self-awareness and supports their journey towards greater confidence, decision-making, communication, and growth.

Additionally, as a Yoga instructor, I incorporate breath-work and visualisation techniques, providing unique tools for clients to discover and utilise..


How I Can Help You / Your Company 

  • 1:1 Coaching for individuals with a focus on personal and professional development via Zoom, face to face, or walk and talk sessions local to you.

  • Bespoke Wellbeing support and  strategy, tailored to your needs for personal / business / charity / school  including Wellbeing and Menopause at work policies

  • Wellbeing packages - workshops for Menopause, Stress Release, Yoga and Relaxation, Wellbeing days.

  • ICF Accredited Training Programmes in Effective Communication & Coaching Skills for managers. (20 CCE's)

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 Incorporating Wellbeing At Work

Looking after the wellbeing of others is an important role and often, within a company, its helpful to have an independent person to listen to employees and provide a well-being option that will be utilised.  


Many companies train a manager for staff to talk to, who, even with all the best intentions and skills, employees may not feel they want to share with.  From my experience, people generally prefer complete separation, with the understanding that conversations will be completely confidential and not shared or affect how they are perceived.


Even the most caring managers are often not the best placed person to provide independent listening and support because they may already have a relationship which an employee may be keen to maintain.


I support employers to increase wellbeing at work.  I offer coaching and mentoring sessions and training courses to develop skills and explore challenges that may be hindering the personal / professional development of both the team and the individual. I also offer Yoga and breathwork for relaxation, Well-being walks for team building, health and well-being, and menopause support and education groups.


With the many teams I have worked with, better communication, kindness, team-work and relationship development between staff and management have been just some of the benefits achieved. 


What Restoring Wellbeing Looks Like...

Improved Quality Of Sleep

Sleep makes such a difference to our lives. Good quality sleep improves attention and concentration, physical and mental health. Using well-being routines before bed to improve sleep, not only benefits you now but is a good preventer of future neurological conditions.

Decreased Negativity & Increased Positive Mental Energy

With the inclusion of small, positive daily habits and routines we can stay on top of mental wellbeing and feel in control of our energy in life in a way that best suits. 

Improved Focus & Concentration

 Productive, positive thoughts flourish, mental chatter is cancelled out! Visualising and affirming where our focus is centred strengthens neural pathways, allowing us to think clearer the more we practice.

Reduced Stress And Greater Creativity

Reduced stress mean reduced cortisol increasing serotonin and creating all round feelings of wellbeing. Breath-work and Yoga can be used as an easily obtainable way to lower cortisol hormones which means a happier self with relief from anxiety and stress. When the brain is happy the creative juices can flow again more easily, allowing us to think clearer about what we want to do. Our energy becomes more focused on the present.

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Kind Words From Clients

I fully endorse Wellbeing Coach Alliance's services as an amazing addition to any workplace wanting to create a greater focus on wellbeing.

Kim Webb - CE3 Enterprise

Nicky is an amazing mentor to the many young people and also delivered an excellent training programme for us to grow our volunteer mentors within our charity.

Sheelagh McGovern - Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust

"Thank you Nicky - your 1:1 

 wellbeing sessions have been life changing in both my personal and professional life..." 

Kathryn - 

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You Are The Sky

Everything else, it's just the weather - Pema Chodron

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